Wow, this whole blog thing is exciting! Just to let my readers know I am getting hits from all over the world, including Finland, Italy, South Africa, India, Germany, the USA, UK and of course Australia, amongst others. Apparently there is some terminology that doesn’t translate to the USA or UK in particular. If you have a question, log in and ask it and I will endeavour to be as clear as possible in my response. Also, please post this link to as many of your friends as possible….I love checking my tracking and finding a new and exciting location for a hit!
In the meantime, I hope those Steam Ovens are cooking up a storm all over the world. Remember that the optimum temperature for steaming is 100 degrees Celcius which will sterilize anything you need sterilized (baby bottles and teats, jam jars before you put the hot jam in, toothbrushes etc)
You could also try steaming some dampened fresh flannels or hand towels for your dinner guests for a fresh beginning to your dinner party. (Move over Singapore Airlines!!) Or how about using it as a plate warmer. The Steam Oven will quickly heat a pile of plates, then you can dry them with a paper towel to absorb any condensation.
Any other uses for the steam oven out there??? Please enlighten us all, be lateral and you will be amazed how versatile can be.
Keep us all posted!


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