Always crazy about food since she fed the neighbourhood kids that first mud pie, she now has a tribe of her own that she happily feeds whenever she can get them to sit down long enough. Her culinary experience ranges from Bangers ‘N Mash in London long ago…(and far far away) to attempts at Chinese banquets for her University ‘roomies’ in the USA.

Ever resourceful and always hungry, she can whip up a delicious storm in minutes, given half a chance. It is on this website and her blog that she shares her passion for food and the perfect cooking of it!


4 responses to “ABOUT TENINA

  1. Love your site Tenina, you’ve got some yummy stuff which the kids love.


  2. Megan Grinceri

    Are you now experiencing the thrill of time suckage that is the blogging world???

    You have done a great job with these blogs Tenina.

    Can’t wait to try the Pad Thai recipe.

    Megan xoxo

  3. hello jacqui’s auntie
    your cakes look yummy
    love joanna

  4. Jacqueline Hicks

    Hey great website =]
    Your cooking looks yummy, tis a great website

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